Oxford Dogma Catalog

You can view the catalog in your browser or download it here

catalog SF2016 by Oxford-Dogma

When you were a kid, did you ever spend hours poring over the Sears Wish Book? My brother and I sure did! It came every year before Christmas, and we’d go through one page at a time, stopping to name the toy in each spread that we’d most like to have. You know — just getting prepared in the event Santa Claus was in the mood for showering our living room with all the toys.

These days I feel that same sense of inspiration and enthusiasm when the King Arthur Flour catalog comes. My kitchen is where my favorite toys are these days. But as I put together my first Oxford Dogma catalog, I was taken back to my childhood. And the new My Little Pony accessories that I couldn’t live without.

Would one of these products fit in your life?

I think there’s a special moment of bonding that happens when you can take some time to browse through the self-contained world of a catalog. There’s just enough information to tell you what’s happening but not so much it’s overwhelming. It’s a nice little guided experience where all the other noise of life is quieted for a moment.

With a catalog like this, you can get a better idea of scale, and a bit more about how the products will look in your life. The detailed photos give you confidence that what you’re buying is special and high quality (and every Oxford Dogma item is carefully made with attention to detail — if something isn’t quite right, I rework it until it satisfies my critical eye).

Catalogs are also a nice way to tell a story more with images than with words. It’s easy to browse through and quickly understand what you’re looking at with needing to read a lot — a bonus for really visual people.

Stylish accessories (and toys!) for dogs and their humans

This catalog features the smart and stylish dog accessories I’ve been making in my workshop. There are essential for dogs like preppy collarsMutt Love leashes, and the indispensable poo bag dispenser. Other unique accessories featured are the plush interactive dog toy and canvas organizing bin for storing your pet’s toys.

catalog SF2016 handcrafted dog accessories by Oxford-Dogma

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the custom pet portraits I’ve been working on. I started creating them as gifts for my best customers, and people loved them so much I got requests for orders. The portraits make a unique gift for pet lovers and can be used for greeting cards, framed prints, t-shirts — pretty much anywhere you can display an image!

Make your own wish list

I hope that you can experience some Wish Book magic flipping through the Oxford Dogma Summer/Fall catalog. And maybe you’ll find something that would be cute on your furry kid (maybe not My-Little-Pony-Dream-Castle-cute, but cute nonetheless).

You can view the catalog in your browser or download it here.

catalog SF2016 handcrafted dog accessories by Oxford-Dogma