Media coverage and testimonials

Oxford Dogma in the media

Custom Pet Portraits from Oxford Dogma featured in the October 2018 issue of Country Living Magazine

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Custom Pet Portraits from Oxford Dogma featured on

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East Valley Tribune Spotlight article

Jan 2017 East Valley Tribune article about Oxford Dogma

Jackalope Art & Craft Fair Vendor Spotlight

Jackalope Art and Craft Fair April 16-17 2016

Arizona Midday on 12 News

Jackalope Spring 2016 on Arizona Midday 12 News-1

Notes from happy customers — both canine and human

“We love Dexter’s new collar! Thanks @OxfordDogma. :)”

— Joel, and his dog Dexter

“Fiona loves her new @oxforddogma collar. Thanks, Amy!”

— Niki, and her dog Fiona

“Harley loves her new toy — she snuggles with it all the time, and I’ve been having fun putting food in the pouch for her to find. I feel like it gives her a deeper activity than just chewing on something.”

— Larissa, and her dog Harley

“Thank you @oxforddogma for the new toy! The pocket of treats is driving me crazy. If there’s ever a time I wish I had opposable thumbs its now…”

— Amy, and her dog Leia

Pet love wall


Making these furry kids happy is what it’s all about!