Free Pet Sitter Checklist

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When your dog is family, it’s hard to leave them at home when you travel.

No matter how much you’re looking forward to your trip, it can make you feel worried and blue to think about leaving your dog behind. And while it might not make you miss them any less, being prepared can help you feel much more confident and relaxed.

With the free Pet Sitter Checklist, you can have a more enjoyable trip knowing you’ve done all you can to come home to a happy and healthy pup.

Planning ahead adds ease to traveling without your pet

If I had my way, my dogs Pipsqueak and Bosco would come with me everywhere. Whenever I leave the house, I try to figure out a way to bring them with. It usually doesn’t pan out. And even when running little errands during the week, I find myself missing them and getting excited to be home. They’re just the best greeters!

Thinking about going away for days at a time just amplifies this feeling.

I think one of the things we want most as pet parents is to feel like we’re taking good care of our fur babies. They’re not just pets — they’re family!

Tips from a professional pet nanny

To help make travel without pets more enjoyable, I collaborated with a professional pet nanny to create a short 3-page PDF (2 pages of checklists) of things to do or consider when you need a pet sitter. In addition to the basics, we included ideas you may not have considered or even known about. Things like:

  • What to consider when choosing between a professional pet nanny and a friend or family member
  • Services that would help make the experience easier if you choose a friend as your pet’s sitter
  • Taking your pet’s mental and emotional health into consideration so you can worry less and feel confident your caretaker understands what your pet needs (such as a movie night so your pup gets in some serious cuddle time to feel happier and more relaxed in your absence)

The checklists are are grouped into three basic time frames to help you plan for your departure:

  • Choosing a caretaker (6–8 weeks before)
  • Making arrangements (3–4 weeks before)
  • Gathering details for your sitter as well as for your pet’s comfort (1–2 weeks before)

Tools for success

The PDF also includes a link to a Pinterest board that’s updated with additional helpful tips from other sources, to give you even more ways to feel prepared. I also suggest a few items to help pup and sitter enjoy their experience together, like a clip-on Bag Dispenser that makes clean-ups easy at walk time, and toys for interactive play.

Because it’s all about helping more pets feel loved! Sign up below to get the free Pet Sitter Checklist today.

Feel like a good pet parent, even while you’re away

Prepare to leave your pet while traveling-1Travel is one of life’s great experiences, but leaving a furry kid at home is hard. Feel good and have a happier pet by being prepared with the free Pet Sitter Checklist. When you provide your email address you’ll get the checklist plus the emails I send to my community with product news, workshop updates, and special offers.

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