Custom pet portrait

Capture the unique personality of your dog with a cute and modern custom pet portrait

  • show how important your connection to your dog is with an 8×10 art print that you can frame for your home
  • customized for your dog, making it meaningful and unique
  • the clean and simple style is cute yet understated, so it’s flexible with decor and personal style
  • makes a great personalized gift for dog lovers

“I am obsessed with these. You nailed their expressions perfectly. I am amazed at how much personality you can see in these!”
—Danette, dog mom to Angie and Watson

About the custom pet portrait

With your order, you’ll receive an unframed 8×10 art print for each pet. Each one is printed with archival-quality inks on archival paper, and signed by me (the artist).

The clean, understated styling of the portrait is flexible enough to fit in with different decor and personal styles, but is still full of charm and character. Every time you look at it you’ll smile!

Each personalized pet portrait is created just for you

The pet portrait is a custom item, made especially for you after you order it*. Once I’ve received your order, I’ll walk you through all the details so you know what to expect and make sure you love the final portrait. Here’s the basic overview of how it will work:

  1. Place your order.
  2. Provide details and photos (see F.A.Q.s for photo tips) based on my follow-up email.
  3. Review the artwork.
  4. Receive your 8×10 art print in the mail.

NEW! When you order a portrait for your pet, you can also purchase a sheet of 18 stickers in a variety of designs and sizes featuring your pet.

“OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is seriously the cutest, best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail.”
—Niki, dog mom to Fiona

*A note about artwork rights: If you purchase the digital files, you’ll have the rights to use the artwork however you’d like. Oxford Dogma also retains the rights to use the artwork in marketing communications and products for sale.


How long will it take to get my pet portrait?

The timing depends in part on your availability, but here’s how it breaks down:

  • When you place your order, I’ll email you about your pet’s details and photos in 1 business day or less.
  • When you provide the necessary details and photos, you’ll get a mockup of the portrait to review within a week.
  • After I receive your feedback, you’ll receive the final art print in about 5-10 days.

So if you’re able to reply to my messages quickly, the process takes a couple of weeks. If you’re busy with life (or snuggling your pet!) it will spread the process out.

What kinds of photos of my pet should I send?

In order to draw your pet, good reference photos are key. When taking pictures, aim for these things:

  • enough light to clearly show fur color and markings
  • get down low and position yourself so you’re face to face with your pet for head-on shots (rather than standing above your pet and aiming the camera down)
  • include a couple of sitting positions and standing positions
  • if there’s a particular pose or expression you like, capture it so it communicates to me the correct positioning and features
  • include clear images of any key elements such as a collar or other accessory if you’d like it included in the portrait

Order a custom portrait of your dog

If you’d like me to create a portrait of your dog, send me a message and I’ll follow up with next steps: