About Oxford Dogma

Art for dog lovers

I create art for people who are crazy in love with their dog and want to feel like good pet parents. My focus is on timeless design and subtle details because I believe there should be more special, memorable, and lasting things in the world. Just like the unconditional love between dogs and their humans.

What makes us happier than our pets?

The deep, permanent relationship filled with unconditional love completes me in a way that nothing else does. (Some people have kids, but I’m a pet person.) And when someone brings me that much joy, I want them to have the best.

After adopting our dog, Pipsqueak, I realized that I could combine my love for making useful things with my love for her. What started with a homemade biscuit and DIY jacket soon developed into a plan for Oxford Dogma, a home where I could design and craft jackets, leashes, and other accessories for dogs and their humans that help strengthen their bond and foster meaningful experiences.

Pipsqueak modeling the Ivy League Classics Tailored Jacket

My work is especially for people who are head over heels about their dog and want to feel like good pet parents, and for discerning people who:

I believe it’s not about having more, but that it’s about having better and doing good.

Oxford Dogma in the media
I was delighted to be featured in the East Valley Tribune in January of 2017

About Amy Lamp

the designer and maker behind Oxford Dogma

About Pipsqueak

the furry face behind Oxford Dogma