Oil portrait of my favorite Morkie

As an owner of a handmade business, connecting with loyal customers fills me with appreciation and gratitude. People have so many options when it comes to trusting another with their time, money, and of course, their pet’s happiness and well-being. I was lucky to meet someone a few years ago with a little Morkie named Maks, and she has been an incredibly loyal and gracious customer — and friend!

When the holidays came near I knew I wanted to give Missy something special to celebrate and show my appreciation. As I brainstormed ideas with my husband, he suggested painting a portrait of Maks. Which was totally perfect, as this aligns with where I’m taking Oxford Dogma.

I’ve been working with oil paints for several months and took a course in the fine art of painting dog portraits, but hadn’t actually painted a dog. This was the perfect opportunity! Luckily Maks’ mom sends me lots of adorable photos of him so I was able to pick one and keep it a surprise.

5x7 oil painting portrait of Maks the Morkie
5×7 original oil painting of Maks the Morkie

maks portrait reference

How cute is this little guy?! Capturing his big, brown eyes was my top priority. And I also wanted to convey his sense of curiosity and intelligence (he’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met — no offense to my little Pipsqueak).

I wrapped the portrait up for Christmas and included it in Missy’s most recent order. She was delighted with it and framed it almost immediately.

Maks is a lucky guy who’s loved to pieces and I only hope this portrait helps support the bond he shares with his family.