Making it a little easier to leave a pet with a sitter while you’re away

pet sitter checklist from Oxford Dogma preview

I love traveling and seeing new places, but I hate leaving my pets behind. When you’re pet is a part of your family, being away from them for several days is hard! I mean, who wouldn’t hate to leave these faces?

Pipsqueak and Bosco being too cute to leave

I’ve found that doing the work to be prepared helps ease my mind. When things are thought through carefully, there’s much less second-guessing about whether you forgot to mention your dog’s medication schedule, walk routine, or even favorite toy.

To help pet parents feel more relaxed about leaving their fur baby with a sitter, I worked with a professional pet nanny to create the Pet Sitter Checklist. We made note of things that are obvious, but still worth listing, and things that aren’t so obvious, like suggesting a movie night so your dog gets in some real snuggle time on the couch with a caring sitter and feels more relaxed about your absence.

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Feel like a good pet parent, even while you’re away

Prepare to leave your pet while traveling-1Travel is one of life’s great experiences, but leaving a furry kid at home is hard. Feel good and have a happier pet by being prepared with the free Pet Sitter Checklist. When you provide your email address you’ll get the checklist plus the emails I send to my community with product news, workshop updates, and special offers.

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