The one-of-a-kind Mutt Love Dog Leash

Mutt Love Dog Leash from Oxford Dogma

Celebrate what makes mutts special and unique

Do you wear your mutt-owner status with pride? The Mutt Love Dog Leash was inspired by the lovable mutts of the world, with their mix of mysterious bits that makes them special and one of a kind.

I’m always looking for ways to design and create my products conscientiously, keeping the resource impact on the planet in mind and making as little waste as possible. One of the reasons I like to use reclaimed materials is to keep stuff out of the landfills. Wastefulness really bugs me! Finding new uses for things that are typically discarded is a mission and challenge I find really rewarding — the same approach applies in my kitchen, too. It wasn’t always that way though.

Before I started making more things from scratch, whether it’s a loaf of bread, a cake, or a dog leash, I wasn’t very aware of how wasteful I could be. But the process of making things with my own two hands instead of buying them from the store has given me a much bigger appreciation of the work that goes into the making. I save leftovers, I save jars, and I save fabric scraps.

So as I’ve created new handcrafted items in my workshop from reclaimed materials, like the Bag Dispenser and Tailored Dog Jacket, it leaves behind various bits and scraps that are too small, or the wrong shape, for many things. But they’re perfect joined together into something new and meaningful.

The design and materials of this dog leash are inspired by shelter pets of mysterious backgrounds. It’s the mix of mysterious bits makes them special and one of a kind — both the leashes and our furry family members!

Mutt Love Leash in reclaimed black white grey LSH113

Mutt Love Leash in reclaimed black white grey LSH113 with bag dispenser

The leash is 6 feet long, with a soft yet sturdy feel in your hands. It’s 5/8 inch wide, making it a good size for a small to medium dog, with a ring for attaching an accessory (a Bag Dispenser is perfect here). The materials are a mix of twill, corduroy, and wool, all reclaimed from cotton trousers and wool sport jackets in classic colors for timeless style. It’s made in small batches, and no two are the same.

With the special Mutt Love edition products, my mission is to highlight all that we love about mutts. These are often the animals found in shelters, in need of their forever home — the underdogs. All pets deserve love, but there’s a special place in my heart for those that wound up without families or homes and just need adopting. It’s why I choose to donate a portion of every sale to shelters. If you’ve adopted a mutt, you know how good it feels to invite one into your life. It brings joy and it brings challenges, but it completes you in a way that few things do. In fact, it’s hard to stop at one!

Each Mutt Love item is one-of-a-kind, just like your fur baby. To find the handcrafted Mutt Love Dog Leash that’s a fit for your family, visit my shop >

Mutt Love Dog Leash from Oxford Dogma